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A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds

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A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds

The Flames That Lick At The Shadows - Coming soon


The narrative has a poetic and almost lyrical quality to it, and drew me in immediately like I'd been caught in a spell.

Overall, the writing is a masterpiece... with the eloquent and expert use of simile and metaphor, the author crafts an incredibly engaging universe for the reader to follow. I was honestly awestruck. 

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Read what Paddy McAlpin has to say about current affairs, as well as some of his classic memories.

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Anthony David Stephenson is the creator of Paddy McAlpin and author of A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds. His debut novel was born during the 2020 COVID lockdown and is the first glimpse of footballer turned detective and warrior for social justice, Paddy McAlpin.

A keen football fan himself, Stephenson has a soft spot for Hamilton Academical, but deep down just wants to see real football at all levels (in some ways the lower the better). 

He also enjoys good suits and live music.

Before penning novels, Stephenson worked as a teacher in the UK and Germany.

Stephenson currently lives in Lanarkshire with his wife.