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Delve a little deeper

There is a simple reason why you won't find any photos of A.D. Stephenson on this, or any other, website:

A.D. Stephenson is a pseudonym for the collaboration of two writers: Anthony and David.

Anthony and David met whilst working as teachers in Germany and their love of football, suits and sarcasm meant they soon became fast friends. However, it wasn't until the 2020 global pandemic that both managed to realise their ambition of writing a novel, albeit in a way that neither expected.

The tall tales of a mutual friend, particularly his sometimes exaggerated footballing prowess, sparked a WhatsApp conversation that blossomed into an idea, which soon turned into a parody, and from there the basis for A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds. The pair worked on the story throughout lockdown on a shared document, living in different countries and conversing almost entirely through WhatsApp. Within a matter of weeks a first draft was completed and before the end of the year it was finalised, along with the first draft of the sequel, The Flames That Lick At The Shadows. 

With further books in the series lined up, the pair hope to get more Paddy novels out by the end of 2021.

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About Anthony

Anthony lives in Northamptonshire with his wife and two children. A lover of sport and fitness, he is currently plying his trade for Yardley Gobion FC, as well as trying to keep up his running credentials, having previously represented Colchester Harriers and Marshal Milton Keynes.

He currently teaches maths and PE but dreams of the day he can consider himself a full time author.

He is a long suffering Ipswich Town fan.

about David

David lives in Munich, Germany with his wife. He is a wearer of great suits and a lover of sharp dressing. He is a lover of all competitive sports, particularly football, and relishes watching low quality football so he can moan about how terrible it is. Nothing seems to make him happier than having something to unhappy about.

David teaches English and thinks about Paddy. 

He also loves Korean food, strong coffee and his own company.