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A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds

A feeling of lethargy during a cup semi final soon develops into something more sinister for Claston Celts star, Paddy McAlpin. A post-match drug test reveals more than he could ever have expected and sets him on a dangerous journey across Europe to discover who wants him dead.

The Flames That Lick At The Shadows

Forced to work a blackmail case for his demanding boss, Paddy soon finds himself out of his depth.

Elsewhere in Claston, Mayor Galloway is fighting against the tide of a new drug that is sweeping through the city he loves, drowning all in its path.

As both cases draw to a close, their implications on Claston become inextricably linked. Only by working together can the two men save Claston before it is consumed by the flames that lick at the shadows.

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