• Paddy McAlpin


It's happened again! Southampton have lost 9-0 for the second time in two seasons. Ipswich fans must be delighted... Well, perhaps it might provide a moment of respite from their current plight, I reckon even they might take a 9-0 Premier League defeat right now!

I'm sure Saints will bounce back from this, as they did last time. It seems that after their momentary blip, Man Utd are not ready to give up the title challenge yet.

I spent a lot of my youth following the Premier League and seeing Manchester United dominate. Like everyone else (I assume), I was desperate for them to fail, but for the first time ever I find myself rooting for them. The reason? One Marcus Rashford. As you know, I am a champion for social justice, but it took me a long time and until late in my career before I started to care about things other than myself. This young man is truly a hero and I hope to see him lift the league trophy at the end of the year.

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