• Paddy McAlpin

Football boots

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Anyone who knows me will know my opinions on football boots.

But for those that don't...

There is nothing classier than plain black and there is no better material than leather to strike a football with. Why all these "top" players insist on wearing lurid coloured plastic monstrosities is beyond my comprehension. I always let my feet do the talking. No further attention needed.

Nowadays it seems that I'm somewhat of a minority. I remember watching the FA Cup Final in '95 and being shocked that John Barnes had a pair of white boots on! Now I'm shocked to see a black pair.

How times have changed, huh?

I remember when my sponsor at the time asked me to wear their latest "colourway" - some "electric blue" thing. That conversation didn't go well for them. They knew not to ask again, that's for sure.

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