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Reviews are slowly coming in on Amazon and Goodreads and so far I've been delighted with them. It's so heart-warming to see people enjoying my work and, even more importantly, recommending it to others. Positive reviews (particularly those on Amazon) really help to increase the exposure of my book. So far I'm pleased to say that reviews have been very positive.

I genuinely value every review I get. As well as putting extracts from reviews on the Reviews section of the site, I've added links to the full review so you can read them in all their glory.

If you've read and enjoyed the book, please do leave a positive review on Amazon. It really helps (and more importantly it makes me very happy!).

I'll leave these following quotes from Reema Dixon for you to enjoy.

(By the way, her book, Snowborn, is out now and you can check out my review of that on my Instagram page.)

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