• A.D. Stephenson

The Flames have been lit

After what seems like an age of edits (some minor, some fairly major), I have completed the final draft of The Flames That Lick At The Shadows, the second book in The Paddy McAplin Chronicles. I am excited to getting it out and sharing it with you all - it's a real step up from Paddy's adventure's in A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds and sees Paddy drawn into Claston's murky underworld once again.

This time he is forced to call on help from his friends rather than try to go it alone, and in doing so learns some terrible truths about those he loves and about himself.

I have a cover designer working hard to produce some magic to give this story the initial impact that it deserves. The coming weeks will see a number of reveals, including the cover, some chapter titles and even a few snippets of the story.

Watch this space!

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