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The kit bag

I don't carry a handbag or a so called "man-bag" (I'm sure they are a thing, but not a thing you'll catch me with...), but one thing I am used to carrying around a lot is my kit bag. When you spend a lot of time travelling, something well known to footballers, then you need to make sure you have the essentials with you. Now, I know everyone will have a slightly different definition of "essential" but I can assure you, these are the only essential items I ever need.

  1. Boots and spare boots (Firm ground and Soft Ground as a minimum, but no harm in having a few extra pairs as well).

  2. Football (who knows when a game might be called for, or when you'll fancy doing some kick-ups or want to nutmeg people in the street).

  3. Towel (this needs changing regularly!)

  4. Passport (maybe not as essential for those of you who don't regularly take part in European football competitions, but for those that do, you don't want to get caught at the airport without your passport. It's embarrassing. Not that I've done it...).

  5. Total Recall: My True Unbelievable Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you ever need motivation, just read this

  6. A DVD copy of Highlander. I don't get to watch this anywhere near as often as I would like, or as often as it deserves, but I always take it with me, just in case. There Can be Only One!

That's pretty much it. Everything else is superfluous. Sure, some people like to have shower gel, aftershave, hair styling products. Those people are not as naturally beautiful and great smelling as I am. Or maybe just not as confident...

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