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Training regime

Despite the latest storm to hit much of the UK, I went out for a run today in an attempt to keep up my fitness. Except that I'm long past "keeping" my fitness. Back in my playing days a gentle jog meant 10km in 40 minutes or so. I always assumed I'd remain fit in my retirement, but my recent efforts have suggested that isn't quite the case. The days of conquering The Mountain are long gone... :(

Today was 6.5km in 28 minutes and it could be described as anything but easy. Yes, I was renowned for my upper body strength, but I was also able to cover 14km in a match without breaking a sweat (even James Milner wouldn't have kept up with me over 90 minutes).

As with anything that you've lost from your younger days, today's session got me thinking about what I used to take for granted and how I used to train. I'll try to dig out my training regime from my peak at some point this week and share it for you all. You might remember that Mark Wahlberg schedule that did the rounds a few years ago - it'll make that look like a walk in the park!

Check back soon to see what I used to get up to and revel in my current misery of being normal again.

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