• Paddy McAlpin

Walk in the cold air

If you haven't already read A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds - firstly, why on earth not? Secondly, you won't know about the deep rooted love I have of the song Vienna by Ultravox. This afternoon, just before dusk drew in, I went out for a walk with my headphones on. It may have been a sunny day, but it certainly wasn't warm at 5pm. A stiff breeze was blowing and there was a certain chill settling in for the night. As I turned up the collar of my coat, what should begin to play in my ear, but Vienna.

Those opening words had never been more apt as I walked in the cold air. I couldn't help but feel like a god, reminiscing of that glorious European tie that propelled me to stardom. And yet, a part of me wanted to be Midge Ure, walking through the dark streets of that famous city, looking wistfully into the camera and uttering those immortal lines...

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