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As promised, I've been doing some digging through old workout logs (I was still using notebooks during my peak, having not been enlightened to Excel back then) and have found a sample of my off-season workout regime. It wasn't quite so intense during the season as I had actual football to play. Anyway, here goes... (notice there is no need to get up at 02:30 for Paddy McAlpin, nor is there any cryo chamber)

04:30 - wake up, straight into 500 press ups

05:00 - gentle swim (1km)

06:00 - sauna session

06:30 - breakfast (sometimes square sausage, sadly not every day)

07:00 - nap time

07:45 - wake up for second breakfast (normally porridge, eggs and toast, fruit)

09:00 - body weight exercises (burpees, squats, tricep dips, the stuff that Joe Wicks has made famous...)

10:00 - snack time (whatever I fancied really, dieting wasn't my thing back then)

12:00 - dribbling, shooting and free kick practice in the garden

13:00 - lunch

14:30 - easy 40 minute run (10k, sometimes pushed it to 12km if I felt good)

15:30 - gym session (alternating between key muscle groups)

17:00 - snack

17:30 - shower

19:00 - dinner

20:00 - relax (TV, reading etc)

21:00 - bed time

There you have it. An intense day in the training schedule of a young Paddy McAlpin. I'd usually follow that routine 3-4 times a week. On the other days I'd generally just do the press ups, swim or run and do the skills exercises, with one rest day per week.

Nowadays, well I'm almost embarrassed to tell you about it...

Feel free to let me know about your workout schedules by commenting below.

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